Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Site Rating: 7/10

Amount Received: $80.00

Currency Exchange: 1 = $0.01 *

*Depends on what you get, Swag bucks has a weird system where Amazon.com GC's cost 450 for a $5 code and $5 to PayPal costs 750 pts. I use this site for Amazon credit.

SwagBucks is a fun site to get free cash and other redeemable prizes. This site has a search for points function that allows you to search from this sites search engine to receive points randomly along the way. It also has a SwagTV app that lets you watch video clips for points a possible 75 points from just this app per day. This site also has Surveys, Offer Walls, Daily Polls worth points, Hourly contests, Twitter events for points, and a whole bunch of other fun ways to earn. You can also trade in Items to the site for swagbucks, I have yet to use this feature but who knows you could get some good deals on your old SNES or N64 games. This site has several redeemable prizes other than PayPal and Amazon.com gift cards, so its worth taking a look at and seeing if anything catches your eyes.

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