Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Site Rating: 8/10

Amount Received: $110.06

Currency Exchange: 1 = $1.00

Prize Rebel is the site i go to when i want an instant Amazon gift card code. After you have enough points and your on a high enough Account Level ( you level up from doing a certain amount of offers or referrals), if they have them in stock, there gift cards (at least the Amazon ones, since that's the only one I've ordered) are instant and will give you the random gibberish code to type into your Amazon account for instant payment. Prize Rebel also allows you to order from an Amazon search built into the site.

This site has your basic way of gaining points. (Completing offers, tasks, watching videos and competing in monthly contests.) They also have Prize Drawings. When you complete an offer from the site, not on one of their offer walls, you gain a ticket which you can drop into a number of drawings going on.

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