Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Friday, November 16, 2012

Earnings Update

*Earnings Update*
(an updated amount of how much I've earned from each site)
Points2Shop - $658.11

Superpoints - $400.00

PrizeRebel - $379.71

SwagBucks - $120.00

TreasureTrooper -$40.00

                                           (sites i have yet to put descriptions up for)

                                                      ZoomBucks - $20.00

                                                      SquishyCash - $75.00

                                                      Survey Only Sites

                                                      MyView - $75.00
                                                      MySurvey - $20.00

Friday, February 10, 2012



Site Rating: 9/10

Amount Received : $404.21

Currency Exchange: 1 = $0.01

This Site is becoming one of my favorites. The site is reliable and has been around since 2007, which for an Internet company is a very long time. You gain points or cash from doing offers, playing games against other people, watching videos, or completing surveys. There are always hundreds of offers with thousands of points for the taking.

Points2shop also has the best (so far) referral program i have seen. For every member who signs up through your referral link and completes at least one offer you get up to $1.00 and then anything they do after that you will get 15% of what they make, 5% of what their referrals make, and 3% of what their referrals referrals make.... lol so it all adds up in the long run.

Spending the points you get is a fun part of this site too. When you do an offer you will get points for it. You then get to spend them at amazon.com thru Points2shop. They have a neat setup on the site which has amazon infused into the P2S. So when you search for... say an Xbox 360 game, it will show you all the sellers on amazon and what prices they have them up for. You get to pick who you want the item from and what price plus they allow you to get in on that sweet amazon free shipping deal if you have items that are valid for the offer and are all together $25 or more.

Thursday, February 2, 2012



Site Rating: 9/10

Amount Received: $400.00

Currency Exchange: 1 = $0.01

Super Points is more of a referral program with some offers, videos, and surveys. The site has a luck based button which you get 5 (up to 100 depending on how many people you have signed up under you) pushes daily which can earn you anywhere from 0 to 200 points, which is the highest Ive received from it in one click. You get 25 points (25 cents) per person you refer, and what ever they get from the Super Lucky Button you get. So this site has loads of potential to make your pockets a tad bit heavier.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Site Rating: 7/10

Amount Received: $20.00

Currency Exchange: $1.00 = $1.00 *

*This site pays out in US dollars for some offers, and other offers pay out in items used for the site.

TreasureTrooper is a very unique GPT site. It is more of an adventure game where you get cash and other prizes from doing offers, surveys, and watching videos. There are treasure maps, rare gems, dragons to hatch and train up that can later be sold for up to $100, a slot machine that gives out in-game items or cash, hidden quests, contests, a search engine for points, a comic, and a VIP member club where you get loads of perks.

I am fairly new to TT, but have already recieved a $20 amazon gift card, and I am close to getting my first cash out. This site is a very innovative and fun twist to the normal average GPT site. I am looking forward to what new ideas this site will come up with in the future as the site is constantly growing.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Site Rating: 7/10

Amount Received: $80.00

Currency Exchange: 1 = $0.01 *

*Depends on what you get, Swag bucks has a weird system where Amazon.com GC's cost 450 for a $5 code and $5 to PayPal costs 750 pts. I use this site for Amazon credit.

SwagBucks is a fun site to get free cash and other redeemable prizes. This site has a search for points function that allows you to search from this sites search engine to receive points randomly along the way. It also has a SwagTV app that lets you watch video clips for points a possible 75 points from just this app per day. This site also has Surveys, Offer Walls, Daily Polls worth points, Hourly contests, Twitter events for points, and a whole bunch of other fun ways to earn. You can also trade in Items to the site for swagbucks, I have yet to use this feature but who knows you could get some good deals on your old SNES or N64 games. This site has several redeemable prizes other than PayPal and Amazon.com gift cards, so its worth taking a look at and seeing if anything catches your eyes.



Site Rating: 8/10

Amount Received: $110.06

Currency Exchange: 1 = $1.00

Prize Rebel is the site i go to when i want an instant Amazon gift card code. After you have enough points and your on a high enough Account Level ( you level up from doing a certain amount of offers or referrals), if they have them in stock, there gift cards (at least the Amazon ones, since that's the only one I've ordered) are instant and will give you the random gibberish code to type into your Amazon account for instant payment. Prize Rebel also allows you to order from an Amazon search built into the site.

This site has your basic way of gaining points. (Completing offers, tasks, watching videos and competing in monthly contests.) They also have Prize Drawings. When you complete an offer from the site, not on one of their offer walls, you gain a ticket which you can drop into a number of drawings going on.